Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No More Facebook D'Oh Moments

Not seeing all friends' Facebook updates can cause 'D'Oh!' moments when you see them out and about.

"I didn't know you got engaged/married/had baby/bought a new house?"
"Ahhh... sorry... I thought you would've seen the pics on Facebook."
"D'Oh!" *slaps forehead with hand*

Okay, that's a bit dramatic but come on, let's face it...when you post something on Facebook, you expect your friends to pick up on it.

So anyhoo, you can change your Facebook settings to avoid missing an update and you'll see more than ever before. This is how...

  • On your Facebook homepage click the "Most Recent" title on the right of the newsfeed
  • Click on the drop down arrow and select "Edit Options"
  • Click on "Show Posts From" and change the setting to "All Of Your Friends and Pages" 
You can find out more here.

I'm trying it out and so far I've noticed... 
  • Fan pages I forgot I joined. It's surprising, interesting and often unlike-able. Yip, it's led to some streamlining in the liking department. 
  • I noticed friends I forgot I had. Not sure how that will enrich my life but let's see - maybe rekindle old friendships. Hmm?  
  • I see more photos. Facebook is after all a voyeuristic medium by default :) 
  • My news-feed changes more often. Which is awesome cause sometimes I forget what I'm doing and just end up staring at the same old static feed - like SOooo boring! *jokes, I'm like totally productive on Facebook ALL.THE.TIME* 

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