Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's your party!

Love them or loathe them, events are crucial to most businesses. Conferences, networking events and exhibitions are ways to meet and greet current customers, find new ones and raise that brand profile (gagging on jargon).

It’s all about standing out at the party and thanks to social media; a cool idea could go viral (gag). Just think of flash mobs! No budget for a troupe of dancers? You could try a one man/women show... hmm.

Never mind, here are a few ways to promote your event via social media without spending a fortune…

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

This video is a stab at the traditional advertising industry but really it could apply to any industry who fails to recognise that now people have a voice, more ways to air it and far more options in terms of where they do business. 

In other words, making a fan page isn't enough; brands need to listen to their customers. In my experience it's a new concept for some South African brands who want the social media ego stroke of big fan page numbers, without offering the customer service element.*

* Yes, I recently complained on a big brand's fan page about their declining product quality. Massive social media campaign, Facebook ads, the works but do they even try to get back to disappointed customers? 

Not a peep for me or the four other people who agreed and commented below my feedback to share their brand fail experiences. The brand ignored us all. Nice. I'm shopping elsewhere. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Facebook - taking you places

Everyone's talking about location-based applications. Apparently they're so hot right now. Facebook has got in on the action. Here's a video that explains how Facebook Places works...

So what do you think? Love it? Think it appeals to stalkers more than the average Joe or Jane?  
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