Monday, March 7, 2011

See Them Stats (Without Falling Asleep)

I'm always looking for ways to compile social media reports that are easy to follow and not a total bore. Who actually enjoys reading stats from an excel sheet anyway?

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So this is what I do...
  • I download the PDF Google Analytics' reports for sites and blogs 
  • I take screen shoots of Facebook Page Insights
  • I take screen shoots of YouTube channel Insights 

At the moment Facebook and Youtube Insights will only allow you to download excel sheets that take far too long to interpret for clients, making screen shots that much more attractive. If you're sending social media reports to someone who doesn't jump for joy at the site of another excel sheet; this seems to be a good way to show them what's happening in a snap shot.

Here's a video that explains YouTube insights for you...

To see your YouTube video insights login to your YouTube account, go to 'Favourites' and then click on 'Insight.'

Social media isn't rocket science, it's a channel of communication. Social media reports should be easy to interpret, even by clients who describe themselves as 'technically challenged.' Reports don't have to be a snore-fest; social media is fun by default and the reports should reflect that.

Over to you: How do you simplify and make social media reporting fun? 

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