Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you ready to rock?

Bless Brian for saying what so many have thought: 'I don't want to spend my time making 'stuff' for your online campaign' …unless of course it rocks!

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Successful online/social media campaigns, like the Old Spice campaign, make me wonder... What makes an online campaign rock? 

Here are 3 rock worthy factors I've noticed so far:

1. Give it to me! - Everyone loves something for nothing. Obvious enough. Online competitions work if you make the prize lust-worthy and keep the entering process simple.

Attention spans are shorter than ever; we bounce in and out of sites so if it’s going to take more than 5 minutes to enter, you're probably going to lose a few people.

2. 15 minutes of shine - Don’t just highlight the brand; give the audience an opportunity to shine online.

Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice campaign) responded to fans' comments with personal video messages and by embedding the video under their question, he highlighted the fan.

Andy Warhol said we’d all have our 15 minutes but it seems two will do.

3. Fun times - ‘Fun’ is the holy grail of social media campaigns. It’s right up there with ‘cool.’ You may think your online campaign is ‘fun’ but have you asked anyone else? Ask objective people who are willing to give honest feedback. Listen and acknowledge that sometimes your idea isn’t as cool as you thought. That's life.

If you can’t be cool, be helpful. Create a resource your audience will appreciate. For example, if you are selling make-up create make-up tutorials that teach your customers how to create a look they love with your products.

Above all else, maintain a clear idea of what you want to achieve. It’s easy to get caught up trying to be witty, wacky and memorable and, ironically forgetting what the point is.

The call to action is critical and if you can communicate it clearly in a fun way that gives your audience an opportunity to shine and offers a reward, your campaign should be a rocking success! 

Now it’s your turn. Notice any other factors that help online campaigns rock? 

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