Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Tame a Hungry Blog Monster

My thoughts turn into blog posts. I could be in the middle of the diary aisle, reaching for yoghurt, when it starts...an internal monologue. A bit like that movie Stranger Than Fiction, but without Emma Thompson's proper English accent.

I might have a problem. 

Ted Sabarese with monsters by Nick Cave via Hurricane Vanessa 

I guess a blog can turn into a hungry monster you're compelled to feed once you start. Like those Tamagotchis kids had back in the 90's (that's a whole blog post on it's own).

But it's what I do - I feed blogs. There's little public recognition. Such is the life of a ghost blogger. Fortunately it pays my bills.

And when I come home, guess what I do?

You guessed it! I feed my own little blog monsters.

At one point I thought I was blogging my life away. Kinda like those people who take photos wherever they go and feel like they never really experienced the events they photographed, they merely observed them through a lens. Okay, I'm one of those people too. *Deep. Like the ocean.*

Fortunately I'm discovering a few ways to tame my blog monsters. And here they are...

1. Picture this - Who reads a thousand odd words when a one or two powerful images will do? Enough said. 

2. Quotes - I don't know why this works but when I post a motivational inspiring quote on one of the fan pages I manage it's like a hitting the click-like-jackpot. I've also noticed some kick-ass bloggers do it too! Heard of Being Brazen? Of course you have! She posts an awesome quote with a stunning image every Friday and over 950 odd followers seem to love it (I'm one of them).  

3. Press Play - Gen X and Y grew up watching TV so asking us to watch an interesting YouTube video isn't exactly a hard sell. 

So, between those deep thoughtful blog posts, feed your starving blog with any one of these three fast fixes. Think of them like smoothies lunches. And hopefully you'll have more time to... like... do stuff and you'll have a tame little blog monster like this... 

Ted Sabarese with monsters by Nick Cave via Hurricane Vanessa 

A little extra chirp: How freaking cool is it that Nick Cave made these monsters?! He's cool like David Bowie cool. Like I-can-make-music-and-art-because-it's-all-art kinda cool. It's my dream to be that cool. *Sigh* Then again I'm assuming that it's the 'Bad Seeds' Nick Cave (how many can there be?!). Must Google him to find out more. Nick Cave fans, fill me in please. 

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