Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to start a blog

Some of my friends have asked me how to start a blog so here's a easy guide to setting up a blog on (that's what this blog is built on). It's user-friendly low-tech platform - perfect for a starter blogger.

Step 1: Begin by opening and click on ‘Create an Account.'  If you have a gmail account, skip this step and login with your gmail account login.

Step 2: Fill in all your details

Step 3: Click 'Continue' and congrats, you now have a Google account!

Step 4: Name your blog. You will have to check the URL availability. If it’s taken, you will have to think of something else.

Step 5: Time to choose your blog template. This is the design for your blog layout and you can change it at any time and even customise it. For now pick something you like and let's move on.

Step 6: Click 'Continue' and ... yayness, your blog has been created! Now you can start blogging!

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