Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

This video is a stab at the traditional advertising industry but really it could apply to any industry who fails to recognise that now people have a voice, more ways to air it and far more options in terms of where they do business. 

In other words, making a fan page isn't enough; brands need to listen to their customers. In my experience it's a new concept for some South African brands who want the social media ego stroke of big fan page numbers, without offering the customer service element.*

* Yes, I recently complained on a big brand's fan page about their declining product quality. Massive social media campaign, Facebook ads, the works but do they even try to get back to disappointed customers? 

Not a peep for me or the four other people who agreed and commented below my feedback to share their brand fail experiences. The brand ignored us all. Nice. I'm shopping elsewhere. 

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