Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Blogging Bites

Have you hit a blogging brick wall?

There’re a string of rationalisations for time spent blogging but recently I found myself backspacing on my personal blog.

I stopped to take stock and realised the main problem is that I had been travelling without a map. I blogged about everything from social media to planning my wedding.

The result was a confusing blog that unsurprisingly, going nowhere. It’s a formula for a blog that sucks.

I needed to start blogging smart...

So I created this blog for social media posts and a separate blog for my wedding obsession. The result: blogging is fun again!

If blogging bites, try this:

Map the route
Try to describe your blog in a tweet (140 characters). If you can’t, draw up a content strategy to guide the direction of your blog. Remember that while you may have lots of different interests; keep it uncomplicated online by sticking to one or two topics.

Example: If you own flower arranging business, blog about flowers and flower arranging.

If you can’t be ‘cool’, be relevant
Cool works online but if you think you’re past trying to be cool, there’s no shame in trying to help readers find solutions for problems that relate to your blog/business.

Example: Help readers learn how to make the most of store bought flowers with easy DIY flower arranging tips while promoting your professional designs for special events.

Don’t be a big blog mouth, be a big blog reader
Plagiarism is a no-no but learning from other blogs is a big fat yes! Look for blogs that interest you, focus on similar topics or have managed to build the type of audience you want to attract to your blog.

Example: I ghost write blog posts so I read CopyBlogger for tips on how to improve my online writing.

Finally, make sure you’re having fun because when you love the journey, climbing over that wall only adds to the excitement. Right, let's see what's on the other side!

Have you overcome a blogging brick wall? How did you get your blog mojo back?  

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